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How Real Estate Agents can better use the Internet  

Free Internet Marketing Book for Realtors

Having a plan and the tools to market successfully on the internet can transform your business by next month

As an internet marketer I have seen many sales techniques that really work and as an ex-Realtor I cringe at how few Realtors are using these proven techniques to their fullest

From: Bill Nadraszky
Sunday 7:53 PM

Dear Friend,

Over the last five years I have been building an internet business while at the same time keeping up with my second love, Realtor Marketing. Back for all of the years that I was a Realtor I was much more interested in the marketing side of the business than the sales part...not a good way to make a living. I know that I am not too interested anymore in being a Realtor but I would be very interested in watching other Realtors succeed with some new tactics as well as established tactics with new twists

The Realtor Internet Marketing Book has a plan, a plan on how you can succeed as a Realtor with the internet with many different methods to find and keep new or present clients.

Internet marketing for Realtors seems like a very easy thing to learn. What I have found is that most Realtors are bouncing from one method or trick to another trying to get their website to bring in new customers but in the end they are frustrated be the lack of a cohesive plan to succeed.

As I looked around I found a lot of problems with how Realtors were marketing online. Most of the time most Realtors are using just a website and using that site as a postcard, or business card even with no real way of keeping visitors if there are any visitors at all. With a plan you can have a business funnel where you find peopled, direct them to you and then build the trust to have these people becoming not just customers but also advocates of your service.

This book is 85 pages of pure content. There are lots of tips and tricks but mostly there is a great plan that you can use to build a great business online
  • Search engine Optimization - Get more people to your site by making sure that the search engines, including Google, know what you page is about
  • Blog - Blogs, if done right, are a great way to get people to know your and get more visitors
  • Websites - It is time to get your website to work for you instead of just look good.
  • Social Networking - Social Networking is a new and exciting way of getting the word out about your site.
  • Autoresponders - If someone is interested in buying or selling, then you want to build the know, like, and trust that will keep them with you. That is what an autoresponder can do for you.
  • Promotion - There are some great ways to promote your internet presence. Lots of people want you to spend lots of money but there are many inexpensive or even FREE ways to promote yourself online.
  • Newsletters - Do you have a newsletter? Do you wonder why you would need an online newsletter. The pros will charge you anywhere from $200-$300 to send your newsletter to a decent sized list but how much are they bringing across your message?

In all there are over 100 well thought out and mostly easy to implement tips and methods that will change the way you look at and do business on the internet.

To get this free book just fill out your name and email address and I will send it to you. In order to get rid of any chance that I spam anyone I have instituted a double opt-in list. What this means is that after you give me you name and email address I will send you an email to confirm that you are in fact interested in receiving this free Reatlor Internet Marketing Book.

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